A Tradition of Quality

We began handcrafting beautiful chenille letters more than sixty years ago, and today, we pride ourselves in our perfected techniques to create custom embroidered pieces that withstand the test of time. We’re still spinning our yarn of history in Waco, TX today, but it’s not one that can be pulled out of a filing cabinet or read from a mounted wall plaque. Instead, it’s one that’s stitched together with the memories of faithful employees, who fill in the details and correct each other with dates, as if they are sitting on a front porch during a family reunion.

Thus, it’s fitting that our tale is woven together with a family, Boyd and Irene Graham, who started a chenille and embroidery business in their garage in 1940. In the mid 1960s, they moved to an office building in their hometown of Waco, TX, where they added a number of employees and two additions, both to their building and their family. The office was added onto twice to support their growing business, and two bouncing baby boys grew up into strapping sons who took over the business later. Graham Embroidery faithfully supplied clients and customers with excellent quality embroidery products throughout its years with the Graham family, and in the fall of 2012 another family-owned business, acquired it. Today, Graham’s tradition of quality craftsmanship continues while adding innovative products, time-tested systems of supply and demand, and attentive customer service.

Innovative Creations

Like it did long ago, we begin each product today with chenille yarn between our fingers—letting it twist and curl like a story—until it creates something special and commemorative. Our creativity doesn’t stop there, however, as we’re always exploring new ways to use chenille to create unique embroidered pieces that fit every memorable part of life.